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Add Layers to a Map Space

Add Layer to a Drawing Location

Edit or Delete Locations


Locations are used to show where work is physically happening. A Task is assigned to a Location, and a Work Area is marked up to indicate the specific space the Task will occupy. Only Project Admins can create, edit and delete Locations.

There are three Location Types:

Map Space Location (beta)

Real world map. Work Areas have real co-ordinates. Supports GIS.

Drawing Location

An image or PDF. Work Areas are drawn on top.

Off-Site Location

No map or model required. No Work Areas can be drawn.

Create a new Location

  • Open the Locations page from the sidebar

  • Click 'Create Location'

  • Give your Location a name

  • Select a Location type

  • Click 'Add Location'

Add Layers to a Map Space

  • Select the Map Space Location

  • Click 'Add Layer'

  • Enter the URL for the Layer and click 'Validate'

  • Validate your credentials (only for restricted ArcGIS Layers)

  • Click 'Confirm'

Upload an Image to a Drawing Location

  • Select the Drawing Location

  • Click 'Add Layer'

  • Upload the image file (JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF)

  • Click 'Finish'

Edit or Delete Locations or Layers

  • Select Layer or Location

  • Click the '...' to delete, rename or edit

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