Integrating ArcGIS layers into Aphex allows construction teams to visualise their schedules on top of the actual project design, imagery or services. If you have any issues during setup, this is a really useful starting point that collects the most common problems and resolutions.

Aphex Project Setup

To set up an ArcGIS integration, make sure your Aphex project has the following;

  • Subscription: There is an active subscription to Pro+ or Enterprise plans (unless your project is on the Limited Beta program)

  • Location: A Map Space location is created from the Locations page in Aphex Planner, and you are initiating the integration from this Map Space location.

ArcGIS Setup

Aphex supports layers being connected from any ArcGIS service (Online or Enterprise) however, there are some common things to validate if you experience issues;

Resource Access

Connecting an ArcGIS layer to Aphex requires valid user credentials to be provided during setup. Please make sure that the credentials provided (whether they are real user credentials or a specially created service account) have permission to view the layers being connected.

The general rule of thumb is if you can log in and view the layer in ArcGIS, the credentials are valid.

Supported Layers

Aphex currently supports the following source resources from ArcGIS;

  • Feature Layers

  • Map Image Layers

  • Tile Layers

Adding other services like Web maps is not supported at this time.

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Restrictions

By default, ArcGIS allows CORS - meaning external services like Aphex can, with the appropriate credentials, view resources such as layers. However, some GIS administrators may disallow this feature as an added security feature.

If you find that a layer connects successfully, but no data is visible on the map, it may be a result of the ArcGIS CORS policy at your company.

ArcGIS supports CORS access enabled, disabled, or disabled with exceptions. Therefore you can either ask your GIS administrator to return the CORS policy to default enabled or to add the following domains as CORS exceptions;

For guides on how to adjust the ArcGIS CORS policy, please refer to the ArcGIS Help Guide here.

The ArcGIS integration is currently a beta feature, so should you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us for setup assistance.

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