If your team would like to implement a two-step review and approve plans process, then this guide is for you.

We’ll cover everything from setting up a reviewer to finding and marking plans as reviewed.

Things to know before you get started:

  • Only Admin and Standard users on the Project can set Reviewers

  • Standard users can only set Reviewers for themselves

Setting a reviewer

Setting one user as another's reviewer makes them responsible for reviewing and approving the owner's plans before the next publication:

  • Click the Aphex icon in the top left, above the Gantt

  • Open the Users page

  • Locate the user whose plans you’d like to be reviewed

  • Click the + icon in the reviewer column

  • Select the user whom you’d like to review their plans from the dropdown list

Reviewing plans

After you've been set as a reviewer, your next step is to review and approve plans before the next publication is created.

You will be notified once the users that you are responsible for reviewing have marked their plan as Ready. You can also approve plans that have not yet been Readied, if needed.

Finding plans to review

The number of plans you need to review will be shown at the top right of the Gantt next to the details of your next scheduled publication.

You can find all plans that need your approval under the 'Tasks for Review' space:

  • Click the Space Selector in the top left

  • Select the Tasks For Review space

Marking plans as reviewed

Once you’ve finished reviewing plans, you’ll need to mark them as reviewed:

  • Click the Next publication details to open the Make Ready menu

  • Scroll to the Work for Review section if not already visible

  • Click the checkbox to the right of each user you need to review to mark work as reviewed

To make edits to other's tasks, you will need to be either a Project Admin, Delegate of the Owner, or Task Assignee.

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