You can generate a printable A3-optimised document of your Gantt or visual maps from the live plan or from a Published Version.

Step 1 : Navigate to the version of the plan you’d like to print

Navigate to the version of the plan that you’d like to share. This can be your project’s live plan or a Published Version.

Step 2 : Configure the information you’d like to share in your printed copy

Configure your PDF export by filtering exactly to the information you’d like to print. You can also select the columns you’d like to be visible on your printed copy.

Step 3 : Customise your output

Once you’re ready to print, hit the share icon in the top-right of your plan. Here you’ll find your print options, you can choose to print the Gantt or Map.

You can select the time range you want your generated PDF to have by choosing the start and finish dates you’d like to export. You can also choose whether you’d like to include delay data in your plan.

Printing a map works in a similar way to printing the Gantt, however you also have the ability to print a particular area of the map, so you can zone in on areas specific to the team the print out is meant for.

You can choose to sequence your map's work by day, week or month, showing the work areas on the map by each period of time.

Step 4 : Finalise your output

Once you’re happy with your preferences, hit Print as PDF to generate a PDF copy of your plan or map. This can then be printed.

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