Projects contain all the work, routines, assets, and users needed to deliver a specific project. Projects live inside an Organisation.


New projects are created with the first user as an Admin, the Project Routine is disabled, and the following set of defaults:

  • Calendars

  • Delay Reasons

  • WBS

  • Packages

Project Settings

Aside from the Gantt and Map, Projects can hold other information for administration purposes.



Project Name

Custom Project Name


Project sector (optional)

Form of Contract

Type of contract (optional)

Project Value

Value of the project (optional)

External Project ID

Custom ID used for business reference (optional)

Project Location

Entering a Location for a Project enables the Weather feature.
Based on your Location, the weather for the upcoming week is visible on the Gantt.

Transferring Projects

Projects can be transferred from one Organisation into a different Organisation (within the same data region).

All data inside a transferred Project is preserved. Transferring a Project impacts the Project URL, leaving any prior URLs to Published Versions and Shared Plans invalid.

If the users on the Project do not already exist as a User inside the Destination Org, they will be automatically invited as Standard Organisation Users.

In order to start a Project transfer, the user initiating must be an Organisation Admin in both Organisations.

Archiving Projects

If a project is Archived, it is no longer accessible to any users and will not appear in the Project list. Archived Projects can be restored at any time.

Archived Projects can be permanently deleted. All project data will be deleted without any possibility of being restored.

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