For users wanting their Aphex WBS to follow an external Work Breakdown Structure, the WBS importer allows the WBS to be created from a CSV or any spreadsheet format.

Things to know before you start:

  • You must be a Project Admin

  • If you also connect your Master Schedule to your project, remember that P6 imports use the WBS Code property to map the WBS

Prepare your WBS Import

The WBS importer supports a simple CSV or table-formatted data structure. In order to create new WBS codes, the tool requires both a WBS Code and WBS Name to be assigned and mapped.

WBS Property


WBS Code

A period-separated code (sometimes called WBS path)

Example; East.123.A.1

This would be imported as

  • East

    • 123

      • A

        • 1

WBS Name

Any String

The WBS importer will autocomplete WBS branches where they are missing in the source file. For example, a WBS Code imported as East.123.A.1 will automatically create the parent nodes of East, East.123, and East.123.A if they are not included in either the source file or the existing Aphex project.

Formatting your WBS Import

The importer supports any CSV export from other planning tools. If your existing planning system does not support a WBS export, you can also copy the WBS code and name directly from the interface and paste it into our example CSV template below.

Downloadable resources:

Running an Import

You can initiate an Import from the WBS page within your project in Aphex Planner.

  • Navigate to the WBS page

  • Select 'Import WBS'

  • Choose either 'Import from CSV' or 'Copy and Paste'

  • Add your data (upload CSV or copy and paste)

  • Map both the WBS Code and Name fields

  • Review your data

  • Complete the Import

The WBS importer will automatically warn of and exclude any WBS codes that are duplicates of existing WBS codes in the import file or the existing Aphex project.

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